Prides unfold safely in Bulgaria and Romania

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On Saturday 30 June, Pride events took place peacefully in Sofia and Bucharest despite earlier threats and calls for violence. Activists have hailed the most successful prides to date in the two capitals.

Bucharest: GayFest unfolds without opposition

Pride Bucharest - Michael Cashman MEPThe Pride festival took place once more without any trouble in the Romanian capital.

Several European ambassadors took part in the procession, as well as the Ambassador of the United States. For the first time this sixth annual edition, marchers were protected by discreet police forces, and were not met by any opposition.

Member of the European Parliament Michael Cashman, as well as famed pop singer Loredana Groza took part in the celebrations.

Sofia: Strong police protection, minor opposition

Up to 1,500 marchers took part in the procession in the city centre of Sofia. The fifth annual edition of Sofia Pride was widely welcomed, with several local politicians, ambassadors and human rights organisations taking part.

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Earlier calls for violence issued by the Orthodox Church were vain, as no more than 70 opponents gathered on the sides of the march. Walkers were protected by several hundreds police officers.

The route was more central and longer than in previous years, with the procession walking in front of the Council of Ministers, the Presidency and the National Assembly.


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